Some news …

Hi Thirsty supporters

couple of news from the crew.

THIRSTY version 3.1 will be in the water in 2 weeks, ready for the race to Malibu in January. The works have been enormous since few months with a lot of technical changes (they are still top secret) designed by Fred… A lot of Pauillac brainstorming were necessary to achieve the level where we will be.
The most obvious change will be the bow. Freddy got piss off few times in 2014 when the boat was surfing the waves downwind. Then he ”just” decided to modify the shape of the hull in the front… We have simplified also the systems (electrical, rudder transmission) and the interior. The rig has also been simplified with a slightly shorter mast. We are now waiting for the new carbon mast from France and a first prototype sail. Can’t wait to be in the water.

We have completed our registration today for Pacific Cup 2016. We just miss the safety inspection and we will be good to go.

Below, few top secret pictures.

2015-10-14 15.19.282015-10-14 15.19.58


2015-10-19 17.56.572015-10-21 13.42.30


2015-11-18 15.33.102015-11-12 13.52.45




Results Are In

The official results are in, and once again, our team has been crowned the Fastest Wine Cellar on the Pacific!

Well, really the guys did finish well. Thirsty was second in the Kolea Double-Handed Division, fifth in the rating group and 16th in the overall competition. For their accomplishment, they were awarded a clock with a big dent in it. Okay, the dent may have been acquired at some point in the bar after the award ceremony, we can’t be sure.

They were also the only boat to cross with foie gras and that honor comes with an award of more foie gras. (Just don’t tell the fuzz!)

Oh, and by the way, they also managed to raise nearly $15,000 for the ALS Association and we’re all pretty excited about that. We’re still accepting donations though, so feel free to check out the donations page to see the current total and also feel free to make the number go up by clicking on any of the numerous links to donate.