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Episode 4: Speed Means Work, and Photos!

Happy Friday afternoon guys!



In the late morning, we received an email from Charly with pictures! They seem to be in even better spirits. Here is the email from Charly:


A2 + stay sail is out!

A2 + stay sail is out!

Here’s how to sumamrize the situation: hoisted the A2 spinnaker last night, and with a shift in the wind, we are hauling ass at 11-12kts boat speed with no letting up. Thirsty broke its own personal record with 220NM in on the direct route towards Hawaii in 24 hours! I think we might be able to do even better.

P1000038We may be French, but we’re not on strike here: more speed means more work. We had a few precarious situations with the spinnaker man-handling us and sending us fishing with our bare arms in the water (what happened to the Sydney 36 guys when they put up their spinnaker…hey it happens to all of us) with spectacular heel-over angles. It’s called “broaching”, but we call it Rapid Unwanted Deck Reorganization, or RUDR for the acronym-savvy. Anyway, it’s not something we like doing in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. Still having issues with our electronics and we’re beginning to believe the root of the problem is the connection at the top of the mast. So I have a feeling we’re gonna have to MacGyver a wind vane on the back of the boat here in a few hours…

We’re gonna try and cook ourselves a meal again today. Our next Sailing for ALS challenge will be to successfully make ourselves a cup of coffee without giving ourselves 2nd degree burns: truth be told there’s no real way to walk or move around Thirsty in these conditions…ya hop or slide, but that’s it. But the hardest has really been to get our much needed rest: this a LOUD moped at these speeds. Here are a few pictures of us, we finally had some time to take some…oh and we the times we could have taken some, we spared you our own “Ice Bucket Challenge”.   -Charly

1500NM to go!

1500NM to go!

Two posts in one day? Hell yes! At 7am this morning the guys had 1,500NM to go, which is effectively the first 25% of the race elapsed distance-wise. Also, they’ve moved up one spot in the overall standings: they’re first in their division and 6th overall!

They’re clearly happy to no longer be feeding the fish and we’ve got pictures, finally!

Stay tuned for the next update…



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  1. Christine

    It’s great to follow Charly and Fred’s excellent adventures at sea and read the blog from far far away in the Middle Kingdom. Big kisses from your “Chinese” fan club 😎😘😘😘


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