Episode 5: Fred Joins the Writer’s Guild

Happy Saturday folks!

Believe it or not, we got the hula girl of the boat to write us a little something today. Actually, we got this last night, but the GBC was recovering from the Gleason event and fell behind on its duties. Here’s Fred’s email:


Hygiene and stuff..
The first 2 days were freaking tough with crazy crosswinds, huge waves… lots of water… water everywhere inside … and the freezing cold that could only be made in San Francisco. We were steering manually when the pilot engaged and veered the boat: we had to shut down all electronics and continue steering manually for 2 whole days and nights. We were doing our best work in our puke competition for 2 days straight and kept missing the stupid bucket that moved even more than the boat! Resting, eating and drinking? Forget it! Mission impossible! All I could swallow were some crackers and a banana: same thing for Charlie. You know what they say about bananas, right? Tastes the same going down as it does coming up…
On day 3, we were finally able to prepare a warm meal: chicken & mashed potatoes. Best meal ever! This morning we made our 1st cup of coffee since the start: instant coffee that somehow tasted better than an espresso made in Italy.
For 3 days, when not on watch, we tried to sleep with 7 layers of clothing. Oh and our supposedly waterproof boots? Not so much! Add some sweat inside the foul weather gear and talk about being wet inside and out! We shed 2 layers yesterday… and are now dreaming of a warm shower.
Focused on speed rather than comfort, we used up a tremendous amount of energy to push our wheelbarrow (read: the boat) faster and faster. Luckily, the weather is better since yesterday and we might be able to shower… on day 5! But because we are classy guys and the only source of potable water is Evian (that’s right), we rinse our dishes and ourselves with it! That’s our attempt at “trying to be civilized”.
On another note, we took to the northerly route as planned and we have maintained the speed that propelled us at the start… feels like the start lasted 3 whole days though. Our main competitor Wolfpack is eating salt spray in our wake quite a few NM behind even though they are much lighter than we are: it feels fantastic! Now, we feel human again and are putting the pedal to the metal!

They actually look like humans now, don’t they? Before, Charly and Fred looked a little like the Michelin Man with their 7 layers of foul weather gear!


That’s it for now. Another update coming soon!




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