Episode 8: Short but not so sweet

Hey everyone, this’ll be a short one…

Right, so right off the bat, I should tell you that it’s World War III on deck here. We just endured the worst f%&#ing night since we started the race. Enormous gusts pushing 40kts under full spinnaker, boat surfs between 17-18kts with no letting up resulting in broach after broach after debacle. Like the worst we’ve ever had. Everything we needed in the moment broke: boom-vang, spinnaker pole, lines, you name it. We channeled our inner Mark Watney¬†and started troubleshooting one problem at a time, but the spinnaker just wanted to keep wrapping itself like a damn burrito around the forestay. Lost 2 halyards and I’ll unhappily make a list later of the sh!t that went down. With all this, we still don’t have a damn autopilot and must continue to switch off helm duty: there has been no rest whatsoever since the Captain’s Dinner.
Right now we’re just continuing to sort through minor issues and organizing the deck, but the wind is much stronger than it was before. We’re soaking wet and exhausted. We can’t wait until the finish line: that’s pretty much all that matters to us now. At this pace, we are projecting a Friday morning-to-noonish arrival.
We’re covering our asses, safety-wise, so no worries there.
Much angry love from the disastrous deck of Thirsty.

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