Episode 9.5: A Word from the GBC, Pictures from the Crew of Thirsty/SailingForALS

Good morning to all of you and happy hump day!

535NM to go.

535NM to go.

Gary here. I spoke to Charles on the satellite phone yesterday at 6:30pm PDT. I’ll be honest: i’ve never heard him sound so tired and so defeated. However brief our conversation was, I got the impression that they have slowly accepted the race is probably out of their hands now, and that they would just like to get to Hawaii safely. By the end of the conversation, it was clear that Charles and Fred are putting their chin up and just trying to maintain 2nd in their division and not drop out of the Pacific Cup top 10 in the overall standings (they currently are in 10th place). But this will still be hard because they are pushing a boat that has sustained multiple small but crippling “injuries” trying to find the right balance between “get there ASAP” and “get there in one piece”. According to Charles, as they’ve gotten closer to Hawaii, the winds have become less stable, especially at night. They are limiting the use of their spinnaker at night, still operating under a very large genoa, but not blasting with their hair on fire down big swells in the pitch black of the Pacific night.


Kitchen “cabinets” back in order.

Slowing down has allowed them some much-needed rest. According to Charles, he’s slept the most in the past 3 days (approx. 6 hours) between the two of them and Fred is in frustrated Captain “Raymarine” mode (no autopilot). Slowing down means the boat doesn’t move as violently, the rigging makes less weird and scary noises (because it’s damaged), and the implications of a mistake are exponentially smaller as a function of decreased boat speed. This also means that the guys have had the time to take some pictures of the goings on aboard Thristy. After the sh!tstorm of Monday and Tuesday, they are cleaning and tidying up.

Fred, our autopilot, taking a break from steering and digging into some dishes.

Fred, our autopilot, taking a break from steering and digging into some dishes.

And they’re also back to having a real meal (with wine) since the Captain’s dinner on Sunday. All these pictures were received after the sat. phone conversation and it seems like the boys are settling in to a speedy cruise for their last 500NM into Hawaii.

500NM left selfie with the wiiiiiiine out.

As much at seems like Fred has a mil-stache on (that’s sunscreen), our boys are mending their broken hearts with some French wine.

The current projected arrival into Kaneohe looks like it’ll be 6pm Friday. Until an update from Charlie, have a nice rest of your day!

-the GBC


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