Episode 13: Lucky #13

One last note before they arrive…

P1000164 P1000172Hello all-

We have 44 miles to go before freeeeedommmmm!

It will have taken us just over 10 days, basically three days less than 2014 with an average speed of 8.75 knots. Not bad for a crew of two men who only had a GPS and compass to handle the race.

It was an amazing experience despite all of the issues we encountered. Our next crossing which will involve the Atlantic, a 42’ Lagoon, five crew, functioning plumbing (toilets and showers) and a coffee machine seems much simpler now. The worst was definitely being wet all day and night no matter what. The best was cruising the waves at full-speed with the spinnaker flying hour after hour (our record: 37.4 miles in 3 hours). Regardless of everything, we’ve lived through an epic adventure Fred and I. Definitely different from 2011, 2012 and 2014. We’re even talking about our next race…so, you know, no couples’ counseling needed yet.

Last night was the last of our struggle and to top off our adventure, it was filled with huge winds. We’d kept the spinnaker through sundown and I found myself with the S4 in 35-knot winds for 15 minutes. For those of you who can’t process that: it’s like driving a car without brakes down a hill. Between two patches of tough weather, we were able to lower the sail and saved the spinnaker from a worse fate than our buddy, little taquito. It all ended well and we were even rewarded with a beautiful sunrise.

So, here is the latest news. Tonight, we sleep in a dry bed after a real shower. And I plan on getting drunk on Mai Tai’s…

Thank you to all for following our no-filter accounts of our trials and tribulations. And, don’t forget to donate (had to throw that in there).

Love from the crew,


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