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Crossing the finish line of the 2014 Pacific Cup10511075_10102485292705325_6258620209082212648_n

We just went more than 2,000 miles from San Francisco to Hawaii and so far we’ve raised: $35725
Feel free to take a look at the Crew Log that we kept during the trip here.

We hope to have every Mile count for 25$…Crazy? Maybe. But hey…Awesome Ain’t Easy!

WE HAVE NO TARGETS… SKY IS THE LIMIT … All $$$ will be used to fight against ALS (Lou Gehrig’s Disease)  

5 thoughts on “DONATE

  1. Carrie Whyte

    Thank you Charlie & Team for all you’re doing in Gilles’ name in the fight against ALS. His story is inspirational. Thank you for sharing the photos on this website. Best of luck on your voyage in his name. We’ll be thinking about you! XX

  2. Solen et Stephane Wloczysiak

    Quel bel hommage a Gilles! C’est tres emouvant de lire votre histoire. Nous suivrons bien entendu la course de pres… Bon vent a Charles-Etienne et Frederic ! A bientot. Solen et Stephane

  3. Veronica Hoomani

    Dear Fred and Charly,

    Carrie Whyte shared your story and link with me. I am a LILA parent, and my father passed away from ALS in 2002. I understand the terrible toll this illness takes upon the patient, family, and friends, and I support ALSA wherever possible. The photo of the logo blazoned on your sail gave me goosebumps! Wishing you smooth waters and good winds! Veronica

    1. Charles Post author

      Thank you Veronica. We are a big team fighting the disease. I am happy to see you on board with us. Charles

  4. lacroix

    nous vous suivons depuis Soindres endroit que Gilles affectionnait beaucoup
    nous étions a ses cotés lors de votre arrivée a Hawai
    bon vent a


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